Sensory Integration and Somatic Experiencing


Treating Disorders of Regulation and Trauma

When: September 12th and 13th 2015

Where: 75 Manhattan Dr. Suite 3

Boulder, CO


Cost: $350

Registration: 303.618.5328 or

Contact Hours: 13


Sensation is the implicit content of our affect. Our affect is the explicit manifestation of our sensations. Through the body we will explore the dimensions of the self in time/space and relationship.  We will utilize the senses as a gateway into regulation, attachment and expression in the world. During practicums we will address regulation in the context of limbic resonance, intention, support and the development of a coherent narrative for promoting regulation. This workshop will present Early Childhood studies.

Target audience: Early childhood therapists, educators, occupational therapists, couples therapists, addictions therapists, individual psychotherapists, trauma therapists


·      Recognize the inter-connection between the body's twelve senses, embodiment, empowerment, and their importance in relationships and healing trauma

·      Apply the "Twelve Senses Model" in understanding and treating autonomic nervous system dysregulation and creating a coherent narrative about the "self" 

 "Ana do Valle's work in Sensory Integration™ provides important tools to help stabilize clients with deep attachment and regulation problems." Peter A. Levine PhD